Honorary Uncle

by David Bates

when he grows up

he wants to be a UFO pilot

he tugs my sleeve

and his father reminds him

to be careful

not to spill people’s beer


go inside

his father says

this is grown up time


can I play your

Playstation dad?


No. Leave my shit alone.


I imagine my friend

on his beerstink couch

with a video-game pad

plugged into the base of his boy’s skull

thumbing him around the room

like a remote controlled

vacuum cleaner


the kid looks at me

and I shrug



he’d asked me

if I was born with



and his father said

don’t be stupid

before I could tell him



as a matter of fact

I was


David Bates currently resides in Austin, TX. He is the co-founder and editor of My Favorite Bullet (www.myfavoritebullet.com) and Interior Noise Press. His work has appeared in FriGG Magazine, Underground Voices, Whiskey Island, Thunder Sandwich, and Zygote In My Coffee. He hosts the Ruta Maya Poetry Open Mic every Tuesday (www.rmpoetryaustin.com) and will buy a beer for any traveling poet who cares to read.

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