Disconnection Notice #44

by John Rocco

Maybe there’s life

in failure

I think

with the envelope in my hand

pushing the bar door open

and seeing them there





in a million dumb sad ways.

There’s beefy-faced Hem

boxing a 300-pound tuna

and hard-gut Mishima

fingering the steak knives.

There’s bridge humping Hart

falling past Spalding

jumping off the ferry.

There’s Hunter stealing the elk horns

and Virginia going swimming.

There’s Sylvia cooking.

There’s the Infinite Jest guy

not joking.

There are more lucky unlucky ones

worn down by a crushing

sequence of catastrophes

or nothing

like them all.

I order a gorgeous


giant green hollow olives floating

and rip open the envelope.

It’s another disconnection notice

from Con Edison
my favorite writer

who always is there for me

telling me things like

they regret it but they are

turning the power off again


unless I pay them

which seems unfair

until I leave the bar

without paying.


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