Fear & Venom

by George Anderson

His head full of poems

he dared not write

he hated how they gurgled up

from some aberrant tributary of the brain

he hated how they spate venom. After

twenty-two years of teaching

the same questions

the same answers

on King Lear

Kubla Khan

The Doll’s House.


Why the sober, passionless dance of literature?

And what of Montreal?

And Auckland? Sydney? Bangkok?


Each stories within stories.


Now as before

the same recalcitrance

the same procrastination:

You can’t write about that yet

And what will they think

What about the fear?

There will be plenty of time later

Maybe when you’ve retired-


When the sap has congealed

The venom on the wind.


In July 2008 Erbacce Press published a chapbook of George Anderson’s poems, ‘Dancing On Thin Ice.’ Available at Erbacce Press. 


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