I want to go somewhere

by nila northSun


3 days off

I don’t want to sit at home

I would only end up

picking weeds

& watching old movies

in the heat of the day


I want to fill up the gas tank

damn the cost

And go somewhere

To greenness

And water

Preferably with a tent

But I know most


Are filled


I don’t care about the


I care that I have time

And health

And choices


my friends all seem to be

staying at home

working on projects

& others are camping in

the desert

I’d rather pick weeds

& watch old movies at home

than camp in 100 degree heat


But having

Somebody to do things with

Would be nice

I have a full tank

A lead foot

& an empty passenger seat


any takers?



nila northSun at Wikipedia:


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