Shot Girl

by John Rocco


Please forgive me,

Shot Girl,

for I was

blind drunk

(Jameson river Liffey drinking,

Gulliver style, boats and barges

and floating dead stiff old man leprechauns and all)


the Knight Templars


Tombs of the Blind Dead

(La Noche Del Terror Ciego)

who get their eyes

burned out for stabbing

virgins in their tits

and drinking tit blood

for eternal life.

Tits and blood to live forever!

The stupid poor ass


rose up and killed us



we are back

they are back

to buy beautiful colorful shots

in science fiction test tubes

from your tray

over tip you

talk you up

(“Do you like old guys?”)

suck a tube down from between your breasts

Italian Queens breasts

and all goodness

be damned.


The blind zombie

skeleton horsemen

ride again.

We ride again

for your shots

for the night

for you.


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