In The Grocery Store, Married Now

by Vin Sarno

Sweet Knees and I were ecstatic
And fast, shifting through aisles
Of shelved geometry,
Primary colors bursting around us like
Flash bulbs at our wedding,
The waxed floors reflecting our florescent smiles
And her wavy blond hair, a
Flowing flag.

I, so content and embolded,
Screamed Fuck It to the Universe
And, fists swinging and Wifey hollering,
Called out Heaven
For an epic now or never final battle
(Yes, so early in the game).
And when It so quickly accepted and appeared,
We tore It to pieces! like happy little speed freaks,
Without missing a beat,
Throwing Its chunks through the store
Like big wet confetti,
Leaving Its Lungs on the floor
By the children’s cereal,
Beating like a heart,
Flapping like a suffocating fish.

And not even short of breath,
I sent Wifey to go get the butcher,
So he could separate the good Meat
Out of the rest
For us.
I waited, watching over our kill,
Thinking condescendingly about
The ridiculous folly of bachelorhood
And how much better this victory was.

And twenty minutes later Sweet Knees came back,
Panting and teary eyed, without the butcher,
But holding a twin pack
Of English Muffins instead,
And staring at the slaughter
And promise,
We just stood there and
Laughed and laughed and laughed.

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